iPod Touch Device Rental ($35.98 Plus $164 Refundable Deposit)

iPod Touch Device Rental ($35.98 Plus $164 Refundable Deposit)

Regular price $199.98 Sale

Don't have an iOS device? Don't buy one, just rent!

This iOS based personal computer device developed by Apple Inc. comes stock with the Ticketbud app. It's ready out of the box, you just need to log in and start scanning in attendees to your event. 

The iPod Touch you will receive is a 6th Generation model. 

We recommend ordering iPod Touch devices 2 weeks before your event. This will give you a buffer time caused by shipping delays. This will also give us the opportunity to talk with you about best practices for using the Point of Sale and the iPod Touch for your event. 

Please note: This is a device rental and the price includes a $164.00 refundable deposit. You will receive the refund on your deposit of $164.00 when you return the device in good working order without damage within 7 days of your event's end.